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K&G Estate Agents
Menton and The French Riviera

  • Acte de vente : deed of sale
  • Agent Immobilier : real estate agent
  • Apport personnel : personnal contribution
  • Assurance décès : life insurance
  • Assurance multirisque habitation : household insurance policy for buildings and contents
  • Condition suspensive : suspensive clause, eg, agreement only if the buyer is granted a loan.
  • Compromis /Promesse de vente : preliminary contract, this is a contract by which one person under takes to sell to another person wi thout the latter immediately consenting to buy. It is guaranteed with deposit that is forfeited if one party pulls out.
  • Expertise : valuation or survey
  • Frais de dossier : mortgage arrangement fee
  • Frais de notaire : notary fees include the registration fees for the writing of a deed, the notary public’s commission and all legal fees and taxes due for any real estate transaction.
  • Hypothèque : mortgage
  • Mandat exclusive : exclusive mandate for an estate agent to sell a property as opposed to a mandat simple which is a non-exclusive mandate.
  • Notaire : notary, a lawyer who is a legal professional and a public officer appointed by the Ministry of Justice to handle the conveyancing of all property sales in France.
  • Pièce : a room
  • Taxe Foncière : estate property tax
  • Taxe d’habitation : local tax for services
  • Terrain : land or ground
  • VEFA : (Vente en l’état futur d’achèvement) : acquisition of a property to be built (off plan)